Take control of your schedule

Maintain a schedule that works for you with features that give you greater insight and flexibility.

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Manage appointments your way

Have control over which times, services, and locations are available. Accept or deny all online appointment requests with the click of a button.

Reduce no-shows

Send as many automated text, email, and voice reminders as you want for free. Give clients the option to confirm or cancel via text.

Treat couples with ease

Simplify your couple clients and streamline family communication with a single, joint profile from your practice management software.

Stay organized across calendars

Sync your iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar to streamline your business and personal appointments.

Save time and stay updated

Quickly filter appointments based on new client status, incomplete documents, unpaid balances, and insurance type.

See why your colleagues love My Notes EMR

Everything we do is in service to our customers. That’s why My Notes EMR is trusted by 160,000+ health and wellness practitioners.

Frequently asked questions

If you choose the Essential or Plus Plan, appointment reminders via email, text, and voice, are free.

Yes, you can. Your clients can opt-in to receive email, text, and/or voice reminders 24, 48, or 72 hours prior to an upcoming appointment. You can even use your ehr system to allow clients to confirm and/or cancel appointments via text reminders.

Yes, there is! Every My Notes EMR account comes with a free, HIPAA-compliant Client Portal. This is where your clients view upcoming appointments, request new appointments, complete paperwork, pay their bills, and message you securely.

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